Vale a pena montar um PC gamer com configurações do PS4 Pro? Descubra

A Sony revelou o PlayStation 4 Pro no dia 7 de setembro. O aparelho é uma versão remodelada doPS4 lançado em 2013 e conta com processador mais rápido e uma placa de vídeo redesenhada para permitir que o console rode jogos em 4K e tenha maior desenvoltura na hora de […]

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PS4 ganhará atualização para reproduzir jogos na tecnologia HDR

O PS4 Pro e PS4 Slim, novos modelos do console daSony, não serão os únicos capazes de reproduzir visuais com a nova tecnologia HDR. O PS4 tradicional também terá essa função disponibilizada através de uma atualização do sistema, seu “firmware”. Ainda não há data estipulada para essa modificação. Sony anuncia […]

How to play and evolve in Heavy Rain on PS3 and PS4

The Heavy Rain is a popular mystery game and thriller released for PS3 , and success has made ​​the title won the remastered version for PS4 . There is some complexity in time to face the challenges for the first time. Therefore, the  prepared a guide on how to play […]



How to play online games Street Fighter 5 between PS4 and PC

Street Fighter 5 is the new fighting game franchise of the famous Capcom .Released for PS4 and PC, the title allows crossplay between platforms in the online component, ie, a PC user, for example, is able to face an unrestricted console player. See below how to manually configure the matches […]

Carmageddon: Max Damage is announced for PS4, Xbox One and PC

Carmageddon: Max Damage will be the new chapter in the series of combat vehicles. Initially, it was announced that the new title would be released in mid-2016, only to Xbox One and PS4 .However, the producer confirmed that there will also be the PC version, free for those who already […]



Resident Evil 0 HD How to download on consoles and PC

Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster 0 is the remastered version of the acclaimed game originally released for GameCube.Available for PS4 ,PlayStation 3 ,Xbox One , Xbox 360 and PC, the title features two playable characters and explores the events leading up to the incident of the first Resident Evil mansion.Check […]

GTA 5 updates with so Jump Zone that brings confrontation on high

GTA 5, or more precisely the multiplayer GTA Online, has just received a new competitive mode called Jump Zone. In this mode, players start plummeting, equipped with parachutes, and must race to dominate a specific area to land.The update is now available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.



How to download Just Cause 3 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Just Cause 3, the third episode of the explosive franchise action to PS4, Xbox One and PC, is a great action game in the third person. Developed byAvalanche Studios, the title has a world paradise open and destructible, lots of weapons and vehicles.Learn in this tutorial to download and install […]

How to download Gears of War 2 on Xbox 360 and install

Gears of War2, shooting game in the third person of EpicGames,brings action from the story mode to the multiplayer for you to play with your friends online.In this tutorial we will show how you can download and install Gears of War 2 on your Xbox 360.



How to prestige in the multiplayer of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

Call of Duty: Black Ops3, the newest game shooting series released by Treyarch for XboxOne, Xbox 360, PS4,PS3 and PC, allows prestige in multiplayer mode. With the prestige system with rewards, you can start the character’s progress toward earning badges.Check out this quick tutorial how to give prestige in the […]

Learn how to play Just Cause 3, adventure for PS4, Xbox One and PC

Just Cause 3 is the latest game in the open world franchise of Square Enix.Available for Xbox One,PS4 and PC, the game brings the largest open map ever seen in a game, and a lot of action and characteristic of the series hype. However, for first-timers, watch a tutorial that teaches you to […]


DLC Battlefield 4 will be released on Tuesday and will come with unprecedented map

DLCBattlefield 4will be released on Tuesday and will come with 4 inédito.Battlefield map will get a new free DLC on Tuesday (27) on all platforms for which is available. The package “Community Operations” adds new multiplayer map, developed with the help of the gaming community over the past few months.

Need for Speed ​​Rivals and The Crew, which is the best racing game?

Need for Speed Rivals ou The Crew, qual o melhor jogo de corrida? Need for Speed Rivals e The Crew são jogos de corrida lançados em épocas diferentes…


Street Fighter 5

Updates new game ‘Street Fighter 5’ – 100% Games

Updates ‘Street Fighter 5′: Second Beta All Test Set, Testers To cross check Platform Game Functionality Street Fighter 5 (Credit: Capcom) Street Fighter 5 second beta testing all set

External Hard Drives 2TB for Xbox and PC arrives in Brazil

External Hard Drives 2TB for Xbox and PC arrives in Brazil .The Western Digital announced on Thursday that the HD storage device external WD My Passport 2TB X will be sold in Brazil for the suggested price of US $ 749 and will be available at retail from November 1. […]


Need for Speed

Saiba tudo sobre Need for Speed, reboot da série para PS4, Xbox One e PC

Saiba tudo sobre Need for Speed, reboot da série para PS4, Xbox One e PC .Need for Speed, o reboot da franquia de corrida da Electronic Arts, chega ao PS4 e Xbox One em breve, com versão para PC prevista para chegar às lojas em 2016. O título tem data […]

Need for Speed ​​releases list of confirmed cars

Need for Speed ​​releases list of confirmed cars. Need for Speed, online reboot of the popular racing series, had several new photos released by Electronic Arts, which confirmed all the cars that will be present in the game. The title is scheduled to be the 3rd of November in the […]

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campeonato brasileiro

Digital Football Brazilian championship takes PES to Mane Garrincha

Brazilian Soccer Championshiptakes PES to Mane Garrincha.PES 2015 was chosen to be the official game of the 10th edition of the Digital Football Brazilian Championship 2015. The event will be held at Mane Garrincha Stadium in Brasilia between 26 and 27 September. The competition will feature 72 Brazilians and a […]

PlayStation 4 will come with the golden collection Uncharted

PlayStation 4 gold will come with Uncharted collection. The new model of the Playstation 4 was unveiled by Sony  on Thursday on the company blog, and this time the console will come in golden color. The PlayStation 4 can now be considered “rare”, for only 6000 units will be produced, […]

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Forza 6,

Forza has 6 pilot champion and tuned cars

Forza 6 has pilot champion and tuned cars, Forza 6, one of the leading names from the list of exclusive Xbox One later this year, hit stores on September 15. During the event held by Microsoft on the night of Monday in Sao Paulo, the American company promoted the official […]